About Us

Who We Are

Guangxi Dongxi Industrial Co.LTD. is a manufacturer and supplier of bagasse disposable tableware and eco-friendly biodegradable compostable products. Established in September 2014, the company is located in Guangxi province, where is the largest sugarcane and cassawa production base and in China. We provide a full line of disposable catering plates, food containers, trays, bowls , cups, biodegradable shopping bag, waste bag and agricultural film.

All of our tableware products are made in partnership with local sugar factories and refineries to recycle the sugarcane bagasse as the raw materials to produce the biodegradable products in a sustainable way. We ensure our products are made from 100% nature sugarcane molded fiber without any other additive raw materials.

Our complete biodegradable plastic products are made from plant starch and water-soluble PVA, which are compostable in the nature environment within 180 days and into CO2, H2O and small amount of non-toxic particulate matter to the nature.

Our vision is to provide ecologically products and solutions for a sustainable future .