Frequently Ask Questions

What is Sugarcane Bagasse?

Bagasse is the biomass remaining after sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract their juice.


Why is Sugarcane Bagasse?

Sugarcane is a highly renewable material and can be harvested within one year. Sugarcane bagasse is a very good fiber for pulp, because of its high tensile strength and good fiber length.


How do Dongxi products help the environment?

Our products take renewable, natural sugarcane fibres to mould them into tableware and take cassava starch and water-soluble PVA compatible blends to make the packaging and agricultural products. Our  biodegradable compostable products will break down into humus and provide valuable nutrients to the soil within half year.


Where are Dongxi products made?

The Dongxi biodegradable products are manufactured in Guangxi Province of China with all materials sourced from local places in China. The production of sugarcane in Guangxi Province takes up 60% of China’s production and the cassava takes up 70% of China’s production.


Are they disposable? 

Yes. Dongxi tableware and plastic products are intended for single-use and are complete biodegradable and compostable.


Is it safe to put Dongxi tableware in a microwave or fridge?
Yes. Dongxi’s tableware can hold food or liquid up to 85℃. You can also store the tableware in the refrigerator.


Do you provide customized products?
Yes.Most of our products are custom made and manufactured as per given specifications.


Is there a minimum order value?
Yes. Our main customer are packaging industry distributors, food companies,etc. and there are MOQ for certain products. Please contact our sales team to know it.